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I'm just posting so I can use my spiffing new userpic that was a present from Mel. She knew just what I'd love.

Thanks, Mel.

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I'm just glad you like it, my friend.

It moves! The Seaview Lives!

Ooooh that's a spiffing icon!

If you'd like to choose a Primeval character or pairing and a prompt, I'd be delighted to try my hand at a birthday drabble for you :)

Now you're making me ashamed because I'm no good at these myself (indeed, no good at writing at all at the moment.)

However, let's give you a prompt and see what happens (and if you want to give me one in return - because I know when your birthday is too, Fred, I'll have a go, though I'm not promising.)

Okay, then, prompt. "Rabbits in the Cambrian" (cos I'm surprised that this hasn't come up - or, at least, I don't think it has) and/or Abby (because too few people write about her.)

I use Abby a fair bit in drabbles, so I'll be very happy to give this a go. I like drabbling :)

Thanks for the offer, but I know how much hassle you've had recently, and writing is for fun, not for pressure, so I won't give you a prompt as I know when I'm in a non-writing phase, having to write something would freak me out. It's definitely a case of "it's the thought that counts" (unless my spouse is concerned, in which case it's the Divorce Courts for him if he fails on the prezzie front!!)

And I haven't forgotten the Piltdown stuff. I've been away in France for two weeks and haven't been able to speak to my friend at the NHM yet.

That's a super Seaview you've got there :-) What a nice pressie.

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