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Snow, snow, ice, ice, snow
Three or four inches here, which is certainly the most we have had for the fourteen years or so we have lived here. No buses. Central line and District line both severely restricted and more snow expected. Personally, it is not so much getting into Town that is impossible (though it was certainly impossible to attend the meeting I was supposed to be at this morning at 9.15 in Westminster, even if anyone else had got there) but getting out again that is problematic, and it's not as if I had anything urgent to do at work. Hence the fact that I am still at home.

I shall be out on the rec with the camera later, but this is the current scene...

snow 09 002

snow 09 001

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That's a super big tree over your fence. I hope its owner is looking after it.

It's a Horse Chestnut, and under a protection order. The owner has had the tree surgeons in twice, but it has been a bit sickly recently...

That's what we call a "light dusting" over here.

Indeed - and if we got as much snow as you do all our services would be geared up and prepared, all the roads would be cleared, we would all have snow tires, and the trains would run on time.

However, this happens so rarely (snow has laid three times in the fourteen years I have been here and been gone by the next day in those cases) that it isn't worth the spend gearing up for the odd occasion it happens.

I wouldn't know where to buy snow tires, and chains are actually illegal on English roads.

It's been ages since I've seen chains on any tires in the US. In New Hampshire, I think they're legal only in the mountainous areas.

But expecting the trains to run on time here, whether it's snowing or not, would be unrealistic.

Perhaps I should have said, "There would be only the normal level of disruption to the trains."

To be fair, the tube is very rarely so badly disrupted that I have to take another route.

Love the second pic :-) It's snowed pretty hard here, too, but not enough to stop me from getting to work. Ah well, never mind.

I think the last time we had this much that laid was back in 2002 - that lasted a couple of days.

I went to work but came home lunchtime as the man I had gone in to meet was still in Portsmouth.

Rosie rang me up giggling. A car had failed to get further than our house coming up the road. Trying to turn round he got exactly half way before sliding down the road sideways.

No snow was hurt during the slide.

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