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It's a good thing my New Year Resolutions don't include "Do Not Snark".

I did actually see one person speculating that Matt Smith was to be the new Dr Who, so at least one leak was an informed one. As he seems to have been one of the first people they auditioned and they were all mightily impressed by him (so they say) the rest of the wank was either fans making things up or deliberate misleading leaks. Of course, neither studio nor fans would do something like that, would they?

Actually, I think Smith has an interesting face and seems to be a reasonable actor. Of course, I could have - and probably did - say that about Tennant, and I went off him very quickly indeed. Of course, it will all depend on the scripts... If I do like him as the Doctor, they will probably give him a companion I dislike, as they did with Eccleston. Also much amused by this wail of "Wah, I shouldn't be older than the Doctor". All the NuWhos have been kids.

Then there was Demonkickers aka a series with SFX that makes Nuwho look like Weta did it, ideas stolen from everywhere (but mainly Buffy) and a paucity of imagination that almost defies belief. Plainly, the hero wandering around with no shirt, weaponry out of Van Helsing (which was, unbelievably, much superior to this) and Glenister with an accent that is going to get us laughed at from one side of the US to the other and dialogue out of The Mighty Thor is meant to attract the NuWho and Primeval demographic. I doubt it. What the hell was Mike Grade thinking of in giving the go-ahead to this idiocy. The only person who was (over)acting was Mackenzie Crook, the ham. Even Glenister's omlette-making was ludicrous. I feel deeply sorry for everyone involved, except Glenister, who should have known better. (Actors! No brain!)

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Demons was certainly unspeakably awful. Which irritates me immensely as this rubbish is what's keeping Primeval off our screens for the next 6 weeks. ITV and Adrian Hodges must be out of their tiny little minds.

I was also wholly underwhelmed by the Who-hype.

I think I'm in Grumpy Hound mode, right now.

You are entitled to grump.

I lost interest in Demons within about 20 minutes and turned over to watch Neil Oliver and his flowing locks investigating Scottish history. I only stayed that long because of Philip Glenister.

I'm not a massive Who fan, but I kind of enjoy watching the hype! I liked Eccleston, who wasn't what I'd call a kid -- 40-something. He had more of an edge to him than Tennant, who grew on me a bit, but who I could take or leave.

Well, as I will have my 60th birthday in a few weeks, and have always said that I was never a Who fan because I was too old for its (then) target demographic when it started and have remained ahead of it ever since, I am entitled to call them kids. [grin] I liked Eccleston's Who but never liked Rose. This happens to me a lot. I hated Tom Baker (and still do) but he had Sarah Jane and Romana and Leela, and some of the best scripts, while my favourite Davidson had the awful Adric - though he did have Turlough to make up for it.

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oh shit! I wish I'd remembnered that the latest addition to the ranks of Hot Historians was on the other side. Well, that's next week's Saturday viewing sorted.

LOL! It was appreciably better than Mackenzie Crook hamming it up in a false nose and hearing Philip Glenister's accent slip every 20 seconds *g*.

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Actually, I've always been surprised that the Timelords don't always regenerate into someone who looks very young. (Always excepting the Pertwee regeneration which was a special case being forced by the Timelords.) It seems a very strange evolutionary adaption to me - not the regeneration itself, but that the regeneration does not automatically put the body back at its physical peak.

I rather think Joss Whedon won't be pleased anyway, or the creators of Ultraviolet or even the makers of Van Helsing.

It's trying to pretend to be a reasonably interesting TV fantasy with at least 2D characters and dialogue that isn't totally ridiculous. It does not even reach that level.

I think last night has set a precedent. Or, at least, I now have an excellent 'excuse' (as if I needed one) to have a nice long hot bath on Saturday nights. For at least the next several weeks.

Also much amused by this wail of "Wah, I shouldn't be older than the Doctor". All the NuWhos have been kids.

Yep, I'll have to agree with you... Definitely all kids, at least to me (but then I'll be 50 at the end of next week so what the hell do I know?)

Then there was Demonkickers aka a series with SFX that makes Nuwho look like Weta did it, ideas stolen from everywhere (but mainly Buffy) and a paucity of imagination that almost defies belief.

Can I just ask what possessed you to even watch it? The description in the Radio Times put me off and I decided they weren't having an hour of my life. I'd just watch everyone else point and laugh at it once it was over...

I'll give anything a chance. It might have been Bonekickers laughable, but, unfortunately, you can't extract the Michael from made-up demonology in the same way you can extract it from made-up history/archaeology (and Primeval' does not make the same OTT mistakes in palaeontology - hough it does have a tendency to make-the-monsters-BIGGER - but in continuity and physics.)

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The first time I heard Matt Smith's name mentioned as a contender was on the BBC radio morning news (this is news? but that's a whole other tirade) - not that they'd have any inside information there, then! Same item also reported that Russell T. was rooting for a couple of women: Catherine Zeta Jones, I think, and another I don't remember - good to hear he's got over his hang-ups on that one, then.

It's a little disappointing that the new Doctor will be another pretty boy - not that that's necessarily all he will be, but he'll be that - but what's another disappointment in the annals of NuWho?

It's a little disappointing that the new Doctor will be another pretty boy - not that that's necessarily all he will be, but he'll be that

I must disagree. :D

On yesterday's Dr Who Confidential, Matt Smith did not look pretty at all. He looked like he belonged in a boxing ring or on a rugby pitch.

I'm sure the BBC's make-up department can pretty him up - some of the extracts from other things he's been in made him look quite presentable, but not pretty.

Sorry, the last *pretty* Doctor IM not very HO was Peter Davison, with Colin Baker trailing in second place.

I'm rather taken with the idea of a Doctor who looks a bit like a bruiser. Will the BBC think the same?

Well, that's interesting. I was going on the basis of the second picture of this pair in the Telegraph - and the more widely circulated Doctor Who picture does nothing to change that opinion. But photos, as we know, are no guide to how things look in reality, so we shall see...

(I thought David Tennant was pretty. Christopher Ecclestone was very easy on the eye, but that's another matter entirely).

For me, the prettiest Doctor is Davidson by a mile, but then there is Ian Chesterton, who was definitely the 'prettiest' companion.

I think Smith is 'interesting' and may well carry off the part very well. We played The Shadow in the North DVD yesterday because Ina did not remember him, and the very first moment he came on screen, he convinced us that he could play the Doctor simply by the way he looked and stood.

I thought the Who choice was a good idea but not for any of the reasons stated here. I want my doctor to last more that 2.5 years in the role and that means you either have to pick an older actor who sees it as a chance to finally play it straight (Pertwee) or a younger actor who hasn't really made it big (Tom Baker). They went for the youth option and I hope to see this guy still in the part in six years time. Contrast this with the US situation where actors pray for a six year run.

The rest is down to the scripts and direction.

Demons was very sub Buffy. It was obviously sold as Buffy in UK but it lacks a good script writer and a better editor. No one in the whole program elicited sympathy or empathy (except maybe the camp villain)

Merlin had a likable lead (though I did keep waiting for his gran to come on and do some effing and blinding) plus two character actors to give it a bit of gravitas, but this show only has Glenister in smiting mode.

Where did the 'smite' come from anyway?

Where did the 'smite' come from anyway?

Lord knows. Is Glenister's character supposed to be one of the people who translated the Authorised Version? The script occasionally reads like one of Shakespeare's OTT clowns.

I wondered if it was typical speech for those american religious nuts, the ones who shout "heal her lord" as they fondle someones head.

Well, from what I've seen of the godbot trolls on the atheist and evolutionary biology blogs I visit - and on such sites as 'Answers in Genesis' and the 'Discovery Institute' which are occasionally referenced, Glenister's dialogue was too, well, grammatical....

I don't know what the "Older than the Doctor" fuss is about. Actually I'd assumed that I was older than David Tennant and was very surprised when I found out that I wasn't...

Next time you see this sort of nonsense, jhust ask them if the policemen are looking younger as well!

It's what I have come to think of as 'fannish privilege' - the idea that fans have a right to dictate everything about a TV show/book/film including who should be cast and what should happen next when, in fact, the only 'right' they have is to stop watching. (Not suggesting that one is not allowed to bitch, but bitching just because a casting decision didn't conform to the expectations of just a small portion of the show's audience is a bit much, in my opinion, particularly for something as silly as the age of an actor relative to the age of the fan...)

NB Sorry about the number of edits. *fails*

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Those of us who have been around fandom long enough to remember what happened on the one occasion when the programme makers listened to fans (Beauty and the Beast) know better than to ask for stuff we might be given. TV execs are perfectly capable of cocking it up on their own, of course (see 4th season Starsky & Hutch for further particulars).

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