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After watching the magnificent Kauto Star win his third King George at Kempton, there followed an excellent but very silly performance in the novices handicap chase by one Press Gang. At each of the last few fences he veered almost off the track to the left, and damn nearly lost the race because of it.

However, the really hilarious thing was that the Channel 4 team said firmly that the jockey, Timmy Murphy, had simply been setting the horse right for each fence. They'd seen him do it before that week, honest. Cut to Mr Murphy, riding in on Press Gang. "You will never see such a bad riding performance." He went on to say the horse kept running left and he could not stop him, and that it was amazing he still managed to win. What was even funnier was cutting back to the Channel 4 commentators, who then maintained that that was what they had said all along...


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