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We met these fine fellows on Monday in Loughton High Street.

Leonbergers at Epping

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Aren't they! I'd seriously consider a Leonberger if they weren't a 'giant' breed with all the attendant problems...

The main problem with the giant breeds is the short life spans. I would find that too depressing.

That's the worst. An average of eight years now for the biggest breeds - the Mastiffs and the Danes and the Wolfhounds - and not all that much better for the other giant breeds. Then there are the hip and back problems which afflict most of the giant breeds.

Yep, I'll stick to my lurcher and terrier-crossbreed.

In a Survivors type situation, at least we'd have rabbits to dine on.

That's a whole heap of dawg!

In charge - one middle-aged bloke. A lot of very obedient dawg...

You should meet tanais's pair of Leos. Lovely beasts.

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