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For my first entry in the 50 book challenge

Snowball Earth by Gabrielle Walker

If you go into this thinking you're going to get a technical and academic description or arguement about the 'Snowball Earth' theory, which postulates the total freezing of the planet many millions of years ago and the possible effect of this on the formation of complex multicellular life, then you are going to be disappointed. As I was.

It is, however, a highly readable gallop through the personalities, discoveries, places and theories involved. Walker brings the scientists - especially chief proponent Paul Hoffman - to life in her pages, and she is an excellent descriptive writer with a good grasp of her subject matter. You won't get much more out of this than out of the documentary that first aroused my interest in this subject, but it's a fast, fun read that lays out the facts and evidence with some fairness, if without depth.


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