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Recipe Details
So I can find them again - the three-boned-game-birds-one-inside-the-other should, and were, cooked at Gas Mark 6 for just under one hour. (They weighed 1lb 11oZ).) Serves 4. Sauce: couple of tablespoons of sherry boiled for a couple of minutes to drive off the alcohol, add 1/2 pt of chicken stock, 2 desertspoons of cornflour mixed with small amount of water, heat to simmer, then add a tablespoon of damson cheese, cook and stir until smooth.

Served this time with roast potatoes (roast in Goose fat, natch) and green beans.

Dessert was Pear Belle Helene - cheated.

Main problem was the great bottle of 1998 Woodstock Shiraz - the cork broke, and we had to filter it, but it tasted great.

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Sounds delicious :-) We had the boring but nice traditional turkey, which was actually cooked by 11.30 this morning, partly courtesy of the oven having been left on at Mark 2 all night! - but it was very tasty all the same. Brother and I now setting up my new Humax PVR to record A Matter of Loaf and Death.

We did all our roasties in goosefat, too :-)

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