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Have a Good [Insert Winter Festival of Choice]
I hope everyone, whether on my Flist or not, has a good time over the holiday season. Personally, I am in a more tired and relective than a holiday mood, hence this is the picture you get, taken on Boxing Day last year, that rather suits my own mood.

Lord's Bushes 07

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That's a lovely photo! I hope you have a lovely day, however you choose to spend it. *hugs*

Don't have much choice about how I choose to spend it... aged parent down here until after New Year has to be entertained and fed what he wants to eat. No ten mile tramps for us until he goes home, for instance.

Yeah, I'm being selfish, but Christmas always seems to be loads of running about and not much to show for it in terms of fun. (I am reminded of the SF term, "Desperate fun." Nothing much worth watching on the telly. DVDs tailored to fit aged parent. I don't know what he's going to make of our habit of reading at each other all through New Year's Eve (particularly if I get hold of some Digital Cuttlefish


[evil grin]

Must order the book....

We're having a quiet day in rural France with friends and the dogs. Might go for another walk later. We've never subscribed to frantic Christmases.

That's about where I was on the 23rd.

A happy what-have-you. I hope you're actually feeling better than that lovely but rather solemn picture suggests.

Here's some dancing penguins to, I hope, lift your spirits.

Dancing penguins are always good.

I always think that Christmas is something of a waste of time, as there are other things I would rather be doing than cooking and watching bad TV. (Mind you, we just ran two episodes of The Streets of San Francisco on the DVD and Ina remarked, "Must make a note that this is the one with a dripping wet Michael Douglas...." Right.)

Beautiful autumnal picture :-)

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