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Casino and Quillan
Casino is our oldest cat, and the first one we acquired (with his litter sister) after umpety-ump catless years... Here he is with Quillan, showing nothing of his long-term illness or his thirteen years...

Casino and Qullan

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They are both lovely cats. A cat I've known for a few years climbed up on to my shoulders for the first time last night, and seemed to enjoy being there for five or ten minutes, surveying the room from just below my eye level.

"Ooooh, parrots!"

This was the vet nurse's response to her first encounter with a baby Casino and his sister Chantinelle - (though what can we expect when we name our cats after a safecracker and a succubus?)

Do you have a less than stunningly beautiful cat? They're all amazingly gorgeous -- not only their appearance but their eyes have wonderful personality about them, too. And as always, a lovely picture.

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