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Maidstone and Medway
We spent yesterday at the Maidstone and Medway cat show, which takes place at the Black Lion Leisure centre at Gillingham (as inamac comments, this is the armpit of Kent...

This is a show with a lot of Christmas about it...

Maidstone and medway 08 009

but with really great cats...

Maidstone and medway main coon

This is the semi-long-hair best of variety, a lovely grey and silver Maine Coon.

Maidstone and medway 08 005

The best in show judge, Steve C., inspects the B.O.V. Longhair

Maidstone and medway 08 015

And the Siamese

Maidstone and medway 08 023

Our friend Sue with her lovely kitten

Maidstone and medway 08 014

and, of course, Flash...

Maidstone and medway 08 011

Who was bored...
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Lovely pix. That Maine Coon is very handsome. A friend of mine used to have two of them -- one that colour and the other an almost bluey shade.

According to my brother, who used to work down in those parts, Gravesend is the arsehole of the universe . . . *g*.

Ina went to college in Chatham, so she is entitled to be rude.

The owner of that Maine was in tears at his success, though he lost out in the end to a Burmese.

*g*. My brother had a stint in Gravesend, Maidstone and Folkestone. He managed to escape -- to Hastings!

I like the dark-coated one, held by the grey-haired lady? Very reminiscent of my own two british shorthair x moggies, but not quite as handsom!

He/she's a brown Burmese... coat is a little bit long, but it is winter....

Thank you.

They are all gorgeous, and I enjoy seeing your photos - I couldn't behave myself well enough to go to a show (I'd be opening cages to stroke them).

My brother (see comment just downthread) is always telling people at cat shows that he is going to walk off with their Maine Coons. At some cat shows - noticeably the Supreme and the National - there are club rows/world of cats where the owners are prepared with disinfectant spray and allow you a stroke or a cuddle. This was what Flash was doing at the Supreme this year - he rather enjoyed it. Quillan loves it, but he won't pass vetting in at the moment.

Oh.... that's good news!

I hasten to add that I only stroke those who enjoy it / ask for it!

What's the ball of fluff in the 4th (?) photo?

A red and white bi-colour Persian.

I want that Maine Coon!

I bet you do! Lovely cat. His owner adores him, though, so you've no chance. (Flash's breeder has silver shaded Maines, though...)

Sue's kitten appears to be giving something a Paddington Hard Stare.

Presumably cats who object to being held in the air at arms length are not shown? All of these look very patient.

Some lovely cats, there. Thanks for posting them!

Sue's kitten appears to be giving something a Paddington Hard Stare.

Me, probably.

Presumably cats who object to being held in the air at arms length are not shown?

Oddly, very few do. They get used to it as kittens, of course, and most show cats have ace temperaments, because they're bred to have. Also, by the time you get to judge BiS (or to Steward for one - in fact, the stewards are often, at this point, the judges who picked the best of variety!) you become very experienced at knowing what you can get away with. There are techniques - and the Oriental BoV wriggled so much I didn't get a decent picture of him - and hissed at Steve!

I was forgetting about breeding for temperament, and of course being used to it as kittens would make a huge difference. Most cats I know really prefer being held close to the holder's body, but then I don't know any cats (outside of LJ, anyway) who are taken to shows.

When I first had Cleo she was 10 months old and really really not keen on being picked up - she wasn't vicious but you could get scratched quite badly as she tried to get away. After a lot of practice she'll now put up with it grudgingly, but she still wriggles a lot after a minute or so.

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