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Danger, Will Robinson!
stephen gun
We have just received an e-mail, not to our personal or fannish e-mail addresses, purporting to be from the "British Banker's Association" expressing concern for our internet safety and asking us to update our details on line.

Odd thing us, none of our several accounts is on-line...

I am sure you are all far too wary to fall for this one, but all the same....

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That sort of thing (several a week, lately) is why I will have nothing to do with eBay, PayPal, or online banking of any kind; it makes it trivially easy to delete the scams unread. I can't sever relations with the IRS, but I have reasonable confidence that they don't actually send me e-mail.

I get one like that almost every day, though usually impersonating US banks.

I did think the "British Banker's Association" (which is real) was a nice touch.

Odd thing us, none of our several accounts is on-line...

If you're sure of that then I'd be suspecting someone employed by your email provider of selling on lists. If you're really sure of that it might be worth a letter to your email provider.

Although if its still the case that hotmail strips emails from incoming mail and sells them on (which I was warned off once by a computing support officer) then it may just be an unfortunate side effect of the addresses you mail to...

I always reckon that one of the reasons we don't get much phishing for our bank accounts is that they remain firmly undigital. However, this particular address appears in magazines and on websites, so I guess I am unsurprised. Though 'inazumacats' hardly sounds as if it might have a bank account. Unless they're stupid enough to think there is any money in cat breeding and showing, which I suppose they might be at that. No, it's just on a list of phishing addresses, I suspect. Though, admittedly, a lot of people in the cat world have gmail accounts. Indeed, the club has one...

*doh!* I thought you meant email accounts online not bank accounts online.

I don't suppose the owning of online bank accounts makes much difference to phishing attempts. At least, I get to see a lot of the random spam that goes to the email addressses and they all get numerous phishing runs (if one gets them, usually they all get them) and most of those addresses don't even belong to real people, let alone anyone associated with a bank account.

None of these ever gets through Virgin's email filter.

My intermediate postbox at Bigfoot gets them all, Egg, Virgin, Hsbc, HBOS etc. They are very primitive attempts at phishing and if you right click on the links and select properties you will see they don't even bother to use chinese characters to fake real addresses. (some look very like English ones allowing you to 'fake' addresses)

However, I run two Hotmail accounts, which I use to join sites where I think they may sell on my email and neither of these get any junk mail these days. Microsoft's filters are excellent.

Since I started reporting junk mail to Bigfoot, their filters are improving, thought I still get loads for Viagra. This junk mail is all down to my wife who joins puzzle sites and tells them about our bigfoot account.

You would have to be very stupid to fall for any of these.

It's God's way of parting stupid people from their money


You should own 200 domains, John. That's when the real fun begins. :/ One of the perks is the ability to create suspect haiku out of oddly worded Viagra ads.

I am the only person in my company that does not receive Viagra spam (or any spam) on my company email address.

Has word of my endowment reached even the spammers of America?

How do you find time to look after 200 domains? Do you sleep?

All Haiku is suspect to me....

I keep getting ones that pretend to be from UPS about parcels, but the damn things are barely literate. *sigh* The spam filter chucks most of them into the sin bin, but they are pretty regular!

Ah, phishing scams. Dontcha love 'em.

This scam sounds really threatening, and I think you need to do something to protect your money, fast!

Fortunately, I can provide you details of how to Western Union me 5,000 pounds that I can either hold in trust or invest for you, thereby keeping it safe from these sneeky wankers who are no doubt about to break into your accounts any minute now!

Always glad to be of service.

Gosh, what a kind offer. The cheque is in the post. [grin]

(The awful thing is that you undoubtedly need the money...)

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