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In the Spirit of the Season...
I present to you the festivities at my workplace, one Somerset House...

somerset house Christmas Tree

somerset house 08 Chrisrtmas Tree 2

somerset house 08 Christmas Tree2

somerset house 08 Ice Rink 4

somerset house 08 Ice Rink

somerset house 08 Ice Rink 5

Okay, the last one is just because you can occasionally get abstract fun!

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Ooh, pretties :-) Very nice.

*first glance* Oh, it's a Christmas tree.


Also sponsored by Tiffany - the skate boots are just one sided and hollow base metal, but it is an interesting decoration.

When I worked there ten years ago the courtyard was still a car park. The only decoration was the war memorial in the centre. Much prettier now.

It's gorgeous in the summer now with the fountain court. I come in that way in the morning because it always gives me a lift.

Not that we'll be here very long as HMRC is trying to get out of all the wings - however, it's suddenly gone very very quiet, with rumours rushing around... Well, you know what I mean. However, I shall be retired by the time they get it sorted.

Lovely photos, and such good quality too.

Okay, the last one is just because you can occasionally get abstract fun!

Indeed. Which is my excuse for some of the Dresden shots that I kept...

And why not? (There are people who get paid good money for this sort of stuff.)

But praise from the praiseworthy is always very gratifying. Thank you.

All of them are pretty and 4, 5 and 6 are beautiful. Good stuff.

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