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Goggle eyes
This is the view I get of Zara a lot of the time as she attempts to beg by licking my nose. Big eyes are a Singapura trait, but Zara's are just about the biggest I've ever seen.

Giant Eyes

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Miss Adorable. Which she knows, of course. Mooncat is a great giver of little cat kisses (aka a nip on the nose). She means it as a gesture of affection, but it does tend to the sharp and the smelly.

She grabs my hand and then chews it. Not hard, but definitely uncomfortable.

Give my love to Mooncat, who is gorgeous. I think this must be very much a queen trait - the boys don't do it.

All of mine chew me, to a greater or lesser extent- I understand that it can be quite a thing with Wegies. They don't lick my face very often- I think the last time one of them did it I was lying in bed feeling poorly, and Magnus came over and licked my nose. Poor thing- he regretted it as I had antibiotic skin gel on at the time!

Ever seen a cat try to spit?


I get allergic rashes on my legs, and I have to be careful or mine try to wash the perscription ointment off. Mind you, these are cats who lick plastic, and we had one that kept trying to wash the emulsion off photographs.

So you've got plastic lickers too!

Wow! She's really cute, and those eyes are certainly startling :-)

Not that there's much room left for brain in that head with all that eye. She is a sweetie, though.

Hey, who needs brains when you have doting humans to look after you? *g*

Nice picture, and no glowing alien eyes from the flash!

No flash. Hand held pocket digital with flash off and antishake on, set at Max 800 ASA. I do have steady hands, as it happens. (It tells me that the shutter speed was 1/8 - I was lucky to get such a clear shot but if you don't try you don't get...)

Edited at 2008-12-10 09:31 pm (UTC)

I've only just got in from work. When I updated my flist, the eyes were the first things I saw! She's gorgeous.

It was the eyes wot sold us on the breed, long ago (well, it was 1995) when we saw two young cats that were all eyes on exhibition at the National Cat Club Show. Half an hour later we were on the kitten list....

Seriously cute! Great photography too!

Thank you! But I was lucky to get the shot at that shutter speed.

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