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Eating Oriental.
And this is what it is like living with Kurt.

Orientals Like Chinese Food

That rice had a mixture of lemon sauce (chicken) and oyster sauce (beef.) Cats aren't supposed to like lemon...

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The point is that it was yours and not his,
That makes all the difference,

Yours = his

I see scientists have finally acknowledged that dogs get jealous and hold grudges, The anthropomorphic principle finally hitting the dust?

No, the point is that it is edible. If it is remotely edible, Kurt will eat it, be it mine, his, or another cat's...

There is a difference between attributing human thoughts to animals and them having emotions that equate, if remotely, to our own.

Yes, but anthropomorhism doesn't make that distinction. Nor did the scientists use the word 'remotely'.

Personally, I have observed goldfish showing jealousy, curiosity, anger... (memory proven to over 2 years now - 5 seconds, what tosh)

Our cats will eat things from our plates they wouldn't touch with a barge pole if we move them to theirs. I bet Kurt would have turned his nose up had you put it on his plate.

Hey, and this in the week where the results of a scientific experiment produce evidence of animals showing jealousy. The point is that while animals are 'conscious' in the general sense, they are not 'conscious' in the sense that they do not have language and therefore cannot 'think' in verbal language as we do. (Actually, this seems a very late development in Homo Sapiens. Even now most of our thinking takes place below the 'conscious' level.)

No, they do not understand every word we say.

You don't know Kurt! He is the one who is on the cooker eating food out of the cat bowls as we put it in. He steals from other cats. He eats anything we put down for him.

Emotions are entirely outside the conscious part of the brain.

Some experiments suggest the thinking bit rationalises what the rest of us is feeling.

ooow I've gone all multi personality disorder hehehe

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