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I might actually heed these
From frandowdsofa

Oddly enough, some of these are quite sensible. (VTTBOTS is Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea which is a phrase far too long for LJ to accept as an interest. I could do with spending some time with my oldest and silliest fannish love.)

In 2008, lil_shepherd resolves to...
Go writing three times a week.
Cut down on my cooking.
Spend less time on dressage.
Go to animation every Sunday.
Give up showing cats.
Volunteer to spend time with vttbots.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

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Let's hear it for silly fandom power! :)

Actually VTTBOTS is a lot less silly than my silly fandom. I do believe I have the ultimate one. :)

Okay, I'll bite.

Which fandom?

I just wrote about it today in an oped at OEN. I can't bear to type it out again. lol You may have a notion by looking at my icon (if you're up on US sitcoms in the 1960s).

How strange. I wonder how these things work? Mine was entirely (apart from one thing) using names of my 'friends'. Whereas yours is all interests!

Random is as random does.

Aw, you know I've always had a massive soft spot for Voyage :D

I mentioned Voyage on a Primeval discussion I have having with Reggie and Fred and found they had fond memories of it too! (Enough to make them ask for the couple of unpublished stories I have on file.) You know, in a way I wasn't surprised, though I think I am the oldest of you (I could be wrong) and I suspect I'm the only one who remembers the original first series broadcast (which was what I fell in love with) in 1964.

I still have nightmares where I am trying to explain the visuals of a silly plot involving leprechauns, on the fly, with my jaw on the floor.

Old watch test indeed!

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