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I wish I'd written this...
I don't normally link to metaquotes because - well, if you are interested in the funnies/profundity/both you may already be a member, and, besides, most of the stuff on the com is only worth a quick glance.

However, this

post on Proposition 8 drops straight into the profound category.

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Very good post.

I'm very optimistic that there will be found a road around it. And there is a great deal of energy toward yanking the tax exempt status of the churches that helped fund the yes-on campaign. Also toward hitting them in the pocketbook where they'll notice it best (the Mormon Church owns Cinemark theaters, one of our major US theater chains). My sister (who is a gay activist) went to a Long Beach protest yesterday and is going to an LA one tomorrow -- both were/will be attended by a lot of people from all communities. The tide is turning. Maybe this is what was needed to finally knock down the final real barrier of prejudice in this state.

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I commented at the original poster's LJ:

The post is lovely, but I think it's wrong.

I think that one of the reasons Prop. 8 and similar measures succeed is because people don't realize that what civil marriage is, under the law, is indeed a legal contract. And that's all it is.

"Marriage" in any other forum, in any other context, than under the law can be whatever those involved--whether the parties, their relatives, their cultural group, their church, whoever--want it to be. It can be family, but people have varying definitions--some contradictory--of "family." So if you claim that marriage is family, you limit it to one's definition of "family," and you're right back where you started.

Marriage under the law is a legal contract, period. As such, there is no reason to limit who can participate in it, except that they must have the mental capacity to make a contract. Saying that it is anything more is playing into the hands of those who would put other limitations on it.

(I do, however, agree that a more effective fight against Prop. 8 might have been made by showing the effects that it would have.)

Teh Keith is a god and we expect it from him...

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