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Discover Dogs
discover dogs 08 IJ and the Bedlingtons

Ina meets the Bedlingtons...

discover dogs 08 018

Believe it or not, these are well-trained silver-level citizen dogs... as was this exceptionally laid-back Ridgeback

discover dogs 08 030

Not so this lady's dogs..

discover dogs Mary Rae

Mary Rae - one of the great dog trainers and the inventor (and greatest exponent) of Heelwork to Music.

The really interesting stands were those featuring unusual dogs, for instance, this Mexican Hairless

discover dogs 08 023

or this Lapphund

discover dogs 08 009

Though one I spoke to could not believe the Komodor - and was astounded when I pointed out that if you didn't clip a poodle you would end up with a corded poodle, with hair very like this...

discover dogs 08 Komodor

My favourite photo opportunity, though, came with this pair from the same continent...

discover dogs 08 Japanese Spitz

Incidentally, the lighting in Earl's Court is a nightmare for an amateur with a pocket camera...

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Those Bedlingtons are rather splendid. When I see them, I always think of the North Eastern football club, Bedlington Terriers *g*.

And the Mexican Hairless is very cute as well . . .

Edited at 2008-11-09 12:34 pm (UTC)

If you think the Mexican Hairless is cute, you should take a look at the Chinese Crested...

Chinese Crested

You know what they say about humans looking like their dogs? Well, that one is a dead ringer for a colleague at work *g*.

I love Chinese Cresteds. They always win "Ugliest Dog" awards in the US and so therefore are highly sought-after (what can I say, we're a strange country).

Badly bred Cresties are incredibly ugly. Mouths were always a problem as they are a primitive dog and have a strange tooth structure. Also, pet owners do not always clip out the face, which stops a Chestie looking its best. However, modern, well-bred Chresties, using the hairy version (known over here as the Powderpuff) every three or four generations and mostly descended from the glorious Ays Into Diamond and the magnificent Kojak Kavalier, have excellent mouths, and lots of 'furnishings', giving us the 'little carthorse' look of today.

Despite the Chrestie probably being an American dog in origin, most of the good work on improving the breed has been done in the UK, and we rarely see the awful mouths here that win so many 'ugliest dog' awards on your side of the Pond.

Edited at 2008-11-10 05:48 am (UTC)

OMG I totally love the space alien dogs! (Also the walking mops.) I wish I'd known about the show.

Bit late - but it's still on at Earl's Court today ... and it's an annual event.

The Lapphund is a beauty - I met one of them at Crufts this March. Can't say I'm a fan of the hairless breeds, though. Or the Bedlingtons, if it comes to that. The Ridgeback on the other hand... handsome.

I hate the way Bedlingtons look, but they have wonderful personalities, as you can see from the photo. Ina and I have been in love with the Chinese Crested since we were introduced to one of the 'greats' of the breed (Kojak Kavalier) about 15 years ago. (His owner let us feed him cheese.) Ina would like one, but they are not a beginner's breed.

Ridgebacks can be a problem - they were bred to hunt lions. Nuff said.

Cute - but why is one of them after Ina's handbag?!

Technique straight out of Hustle of course! One distracts, one looks to nick anything worth nicking...

(I think it could smell other dogs - these weren't the first Ina cuddled - or possibly the cats on her bag.)

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