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One Nice Surprise, at least
I had ordered the Region 2 DVD of The Streets of San Francisco which was billed on as 'Part 1, Season 1'. I had therefore presumed that they were going to follow the Stateside version and put out the seasons in 2 parts, then maybe do a collected season 1. However, the price at Play on pre-order was £15.99 which I was happy to pay for half a season. Except, when the package arrived, it was the whole of Season 1, 26 episodes plus the pilot, really nice transfers, practically no extras but never mind. I think the mistake arose because the box set refers to Part 1 of Season 1, and Part 2 of Season 1 (i.e. it is the combined box set transfered to Region 2.)

I am chuffed.

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Bargain! I am currently staring covetously at the UK DVD versions of Homicide: Life on the Street. Snag is, once I order series one, I shall want the lot *g*.

I'm quite good about this. Starsky and Hutch stops for me at the end of Season 2, and I am not in the least tempted by cheap offers. Likewise, I only have Seasons 1 and 2 of Blake's Seven - I can certainly live without the rest. On the other hand, we do have all of The Professionals despite the fact that I originally swore that I would have neither Wild Justice (Season 4) or Operation Suzie (Season 5) in the house. That's the one problem with box sets - you often have to put up with episodes you would rather not have seen.

Edit: Even if you never, ever, ever watch them.

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I'm a fairly selective buyer -- I only go for the shows I *really* want. So even though I've enjoyed chunks of Dr Who and Torchwood, I wouldn't bother to buy the DVDs. I did, though, splash out on The Sweeney and Robin of Sherwood not so long ago and have been enjoying those thoroughly.

Ah yes, the curse of later Pros. Lawson's Last Stand and The Gun are the ones I avoid. Thanks heavens for DVDs where it's easy to skip the eps you don't care for *g*.

Lawson's Last Stand is bad enough, and I don't think we've watched it on video or DVD. The Gun was, oddly enough, done miles better by The Streets of San Francisco eight years or so previously. (At the end of that one, I recall, it was revealed that the SFPD melted down all the guns they seized and they were then made into manhole covers!)

My intense dislike of both Wild Justice and Operation Susie stems from the fact they contradict every other bit of established character continuity about Bodie and Cowley - and that the plot of the latter makes no sense at all. (I remember analysing this just after it had broadcast to prove this to myself, mentioning the fact at work, and have at least three people say to me, "Oh, thank goodness, I thought it must be me!")

I dislike both those episodes a great deal, and haven't watched either for some years. I'm always faintly surprised when WJ is used as an episode to lure people into Pros fandom. I'd bury it ten metres deep and forget about it *g*.

WJ and OS (and possibly LLS) are written by the same person - one Ranald Graham - who also played fast and loose with some episodes of The Sweeney and was script editor on the idiotic Dempsey and Makepeace.

I just wish someone would release Harry O on DVD. Not to mention The Fugitive.

Yes, I know the feeling. (With us it's Garrison's Gorillas and Automan.) A lot of it depends on how well the series did originally in the States, when if it was popular there but not shown or totally ignored/hated over here, it gets a UK release (I could mention Rat Patrol, I could mention Black Sheep Squadron) but where the DVD does not do terribly well in the States they don't bother with a UK release (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a good example). Then there are rights problems. This is why The Man from UNCLE was held up for years, and even now is only available as subscription on Region 1.

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