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Pyanfar 08

This is Champion Onapromise Pyanfar, our wonderful Oriental Spotted Tabby queen. She is Xolo's and Ross's mum, and Kurt and Lupin (Wong!)'s grandmother. She is also boss cat. No one messes with Pyanfar...

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Whoa, now that is an intimidating kitty cat. lol

Ooops, I alone didn't get a comment so let me add -- she's intimidating in the nicest way possible. All cats intimidate me, especially my own.

Edited at 2008-08-12 10:39 pm (UTC)

I couldn't think of a comment! It was late at night for me, and I was dosed on a sedative. She is intimidating, particularly if you are another cat, even one of her children and grandchildren.

starmalachite once had a cat named Pyanfar, who was equally deserving of the name. She wrote a filk about him to the tune of Leslie Fish's "Pride of Chanur."

If we'd been thinking when we were offered the chance to give the kitten its official name, we'd've gone for 'Pyanfar Chanur' which would have been more impressive. We've always wanted a Hilfy, but somehow it never suited any of our kittens.

Cats should have lots of names. The one in the userpic is Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Cats have a lot of things they are called... "Gerroff that!" mainly. (I am typing this lying in bed with a cat sitting in front of me rubbing his head on my face. This does not make for accurate typing.) However, in this country, a pedigree cat's registered name is limited to 24 letters, the first part of which must be the breeder's prefix. Ours is 'Inazuma'. We were lucky with Py in that her breeder offered us the chance to give her her pedigree name. On the other hand, the Singapura we bought at the same time was called Duberville Purcilla Andrez. We called her Kerowyn - and a lot of variants.

She thinks so.

She is also f-a-t.

What an aristocratic nose! And a gorgeous cat!

What an aristocratic nose!

All the better for looking down at you, m'dear.

Oh, we knows our place. And it's usuallyalways beneath the cat ;-)

Beautiful cat - her eyes are amazing :-)

The colour is superb - and she passed it onto all her offspring.

I can see why you use cats a lot for your icons :-)

Well, we do have eight of them at the moment...

What a wonderful portrait of Her Ladyship. Now that is the face of a true matriarch, with a Hard Stare that would turn Paddington into a wibbling heap of marmalade.

Her Ladyship has taken advantage of the fact her mouth has been sorted and is now so fat that I cannot get my two hands round her belly.

She certainly looks regal.

Our (non-pedigree) cat is also rather - well - rotund, shall we say. I have tried to slim her down slightly for the good of her aging joints, but she tells me firmly if she has not had enough to eat.

When Pyanfar was young, she went to the Supreme Cat Show (the most important of the year) at the NEC. The very senior judge who gave her the Challenge Certificate remarked in her critique that even then she was a "well-nourished young lady"!

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