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I am still trying to cope with the idea that the best Outside Broadcast Sports coverage was won by ITV's coverage of the F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

Considering that:

a) the pictures were, presumably, courtesy of whichever Canadian company does the F1 coverage; and

b) the commentators are almost universally detested by the various F1 communities I frequent, mainly because they spin what they see distressingly often and are waaaaaay too partisan.

Furthermore, I have seen no dismay in the F1 communities about a return to BBC F1 coverage next year. Far from it. They are mostly over the moon about it. So why have ITV won this? I just don't get it.
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Maybe other sports receive even worse coverage...? Which is, I'll admit, very hard to imagine...

I don't watch most sports, but, of those I do watch, Channel 4's horse racing coverage beats it hands down for camerawork, technical expertise, and good commentating.

The whole category struck me as an odd one, because it seems to be weighted towards exciting sports events - if there was (say) an F1 race with no overtaking and no crashes, it would be less likely to win, no matter how good the coverage was technically.

Me neither.

I love almost all forms of motorsport apart from contemporary F1. It's great to see ITV making a big effort with the BTCC, FIA GT (superb coverage on Sunday) and GP2 - and NO BLOODY JAMES BLOODY ALLEN!

(In particular thanks to them for getting the Godlike Genius that is John Hindhaugh involved in the BTCC coverage, and his old sidekick Graham Tyler on the FIA GT!)

T'other half and I keep failing to meet up with Hindy at sports car events - we were supposed to be meeting him at Laguna Seca last year where he was doing the usual PA and Radio Le Mans stuff, but he had his passport nicked and got stuck in Paris. He's the best racing commentator ever.

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For a couple of years James Allen's onanistic, nationalistic drivel annoyed me so much that I reluctantly had to lose Martin Brundle - I switched to using 5 Live for the commentary (Mo Hamilton & co aren't very good, but they're infinitely better than The Cock).

Actually, for a couple of races I didn't even bother with the telly. Imagining mid-70s cars made it feel more exciting. ;)

OMG, that really is potty! The TV feeds do come from the relevant country, so what we see is what they film and ITV do little more than top and tail it.

The Canadian one was pretty crummy, as are most of them in my view. Martin and James are too busy slavering over Lewis H to give any form of impartial commentary, so personally I can't imagine that the Hamster could possibly be any worse.

As a Ferrari fan, I find the UK coverage invariable sucks. McLaren fans have a different view. That's F1, in all it's gloriously inane bias.

Which comms do you watch for F1? You might know Mr FB (under a different name, as only I call him that, lol) as he spends his life on Pitboard.

Separated at birth, Fred. (Another Ferrari fan here.)

I tend to flit from F1 flower to F1 flower, Googling away happily as scandal strikes. (As you can imagine, last year was spent chortling.) The BBC 606 F1 message board is often hilarious, particularly when the Spanish post, then there's the Autosport forums... I've been looking at the LJ ones but they seem to be rarely updated. Can't remember if I've been on Pitboard, but I may take a look if Mr FB posts there..

LOL, I thought as much when I saw your car icon. We've been Ferrari fans for decades. Last year was a joy, especially the look on Ron's face when LH finally blew it. Pitboard was a breakaway from the ITV comm, so I'm told. Mr FB posts as jmfangio. He has fun arguing with the McLaren fanboys and generally playing silly buggers. I swear he's surgically implanted in that site, but Hounds who live in glasshouses refrain from chucking rocks!

The current scandal surrounding Max is causing him huge irritation with all the McLaren supporters on Pitboard crwoing that he's getting his comeuppance for being howwid and hateful to poor McCheat last year. I just wish the wretched man had been able to say "My wife knows all about what I do in public so yah boo sucks to the rest of you." Threatening to sue for invasion of privacy never works.

I told Mr FB that when the "your wife writes gay porn" scandal breaks, at least he'll be able to yawn and say he knows all my dark little secrets. Hell, Mr FB drops my dark secrets into dinner party conversation before I even have the chance to blush.

I had a look at the LJ F1 sites, but they seemed pretty dead. The only other person on my f-list who I share F1 amusement with is leda_speaks in Australia, who's also a Ferrari fan, and I've threatened promised to write something really disgusting for her involving the need for tissues in the commentary box if James and Martin can't stop squeeing during the next race. Or even worse, something involving Ron/Lewis.

smtfhw is a media fan (though she loathes Primeval)who I met long ago on the old BBC film boards. She is also, as it happens, the person who knows more about motor racing than anyone else I have ever had contact with, and, though she no longer follows F1, reports closely on F3. She knows everyone in motor sport and some of her stories about the F1 crowd are hair-raising.

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It's weird, but I find it impossible to get even remotely interested in any other motor-sport. leda_speaks described F1 as a great big fast soap opera, and I can't disagree with that. I'd love to see a return to proper racing with over-taking and interesting stuff, but even when the races are as boring as hell, the sniping and the politics is still enough to keep it interesting.

Yeah, I don't understand either. Considering how many times the commentators invariably complain about that weeks director I don't see how they coud win an award for something they largely have no control over.

F1 is one of the few sports I watch on tv but these days I'm often having to mute the whole thing to spare me the commentators wittling.

You could try listening to the 5Live commentary - though it may not exactly match the pictures. Mind you, neither does the ITV commentary.

I might give that a try next time and see if it improves things.

Another F1 watcher on my F-list that I knew nothing about! I used to like it when we caught F1 on French TV, at least that way there was no drivelling commentary to contend with, and they only ever interviewed the French drivers, which was always amusing.

Mr fb watches with a live timing screen on his laptop and provides me with a better commentary that the twits in the box. More accurate as well.

Heh, well I don't normally talk about it on my journal - I have a friend on my flist who used to review F1 for an online mag or somesuch so if I do talk about it it's usually with her.

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