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Happy Birthday
To john_booth. Are you still thankful you weren't named "Patrick"?

and also to Valisa Flashing Blade - my baby cat is now a full grown tom!

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Happy Birthday Flash. Please give him a cuddle from me.

Of course.

As he's still living in the house he gets a lot of cuddles. However, as soon as it gets a bit warmer and we get heating put in, I'm afraid he's going to have to get used to his cat house, and we'll have to put in at least an hour a day cuddling him there.

Are you still thankful you weren't named "Patrick"?

Is his mom called Pauline?

Nope. However, it is St Patrick's day, and Mum always said that, if she had known, she would probably have named him Patrick.

I can think of little worse that being called Pat Booth in a world with Coronation Street in it.

Thank you for your birthday wishes, Your present arrived on Saturday.


Having been born on Christmas Day and very nearly named Joy Noel, I share your relief. lol

Happy birthday.

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