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Agents of SHIELD 'revelations' at the series break.
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I've been catching up with 'Agents of SHIELD' over the past few weeks, mainly because of promised impacts on the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and so here they are. I am more than a little underwhelmed. I am trying to avoid spoilers here, but one or two things may be considered as minor such so let us cut...

The Kree have already been brought into the MCU with Ronan the Accuser stomping all over the Guardians of the Galaxy (at times physically), and a Captain Marvel movie has been announced so it's no surprise that they are around 'Agents of SHIELD'. As the original Inhumans were their creations back in the day in 616, and with an 'Inhumans' movie already promised, terrigenesis and the signature cocoons came as no surprise either.

(Speculation is rife that the MCU is going to use the Inhumans as a way round Marvel having sold the 'X-Men' rights and with it their inability to use the term 'mutants' (and the X-gene.) Marvel used Mutants so heavily to create new superheroes and villains who were not associated with the X-Men that the sale of the rights painted them into a corner. But hey, new origins for, say, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in the MCU, allows the use of characters much more closely associated with the Avengers and SHIELD. And, though I am not following that particular story line, I understand that Marvel is retconning Wanda's and Pietro's 616 origins as Magneto's children even as I type.)

The other big reveal is Skye's real name. I have never liked Skye. Now I know which character from Marvel 616 canon she is a version of (Daisy Johnson), I can say with all honesty that I've never liked her there either. Admittedly, she is even younger there and an even snottier brat. Again, this has been widely speculated, I suspect because her superpower is something that can be put in quite easily from stock footage.

One thing I will say, though, in general: the plots are getting better and the addition of Bobbi is good, making that two of the team I actually like (three before the season break. Oh well.) However, the series has done something rather horrible and made me dislike a character I used to be fond of in Phil Coulson. It also continues to show Clark Gregg's lack of acting chops. About Fitz and Simmons, not to mention Ward, I would rather draw a veil.

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Coulson is a good supporting character, but Agent Hill would have made a better leader for the tv show.

You bet she would! Hill is a far more interesting character and the logical person to take over, but pressure from fans (and probably Disney) prevailed.

The problem with Coulson, from my point of view, is that his introduction in Iron Man and his subsequent appearances established him as mild-mannered, baddass normal, but nothing spectacular in respect of SHIELD agents, though slightly mysterious. Fans liked him, as I did, because he was so, well, normal.

Once they brought him back from the dead, thereby establishing that trope in universe even before the arrival of the Winter Soldier) and it, as usual, reduced tension. Once past how that happened, interest was reduced again. Gregg struggles to convey internal conflict and that does not help either.

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