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snow coyote
We had quite a lot of the white stuff overnight.

In the Wood

Ina and Draco make a big snowball

What'cha Doing, Mum?

Draco in the Snow

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There are a lot of very happy dogs about and about round here today. ('Oooh! Snow! Best thing ever!') The cats, however, Do Not Approve. Ish and Horus have made expeditions into the Evil White Stuff and returned complaining; Moon sees no reason to leave the warmth of her perch on top of the boiler.

Flash quite likes snow but hasn't been around when we opened the back door.

Draco is very handsome indeed in his green coat.

Jennifer is indoors, and clearly intends to remain so. Molly has dithered, and I'm not sure where she ended up. The Boy is more venturesome, and hasn't been seen since I let him out. They are old hands (or paws) at this, of course, having had two previous years worth of snow experience.

Draco loves the snow. Flash cat likes it too, but the other three are not keen, and Kurt has never been able to figure this strange white stuff.

Looks like a fairytale. :)

Thus far this season, Boston proper had only one instance of snow accumulation, and it wasn't much. During the big snow storm in October, it poured here.

Goodness! You normally get real snow up there in New England, don't you?

We normally do. Personally, I can't complain about this "winter" here. I live on a moderately steep hill, so when it snows, I frequently slide on my butt down the hill, which is unpleasant when unplanned. This winter has been pretty unnatural, though. (Of course it's not like the climate system can manage to stabilize any time soon.)

That is quite a bit of snow. Does your area shut down when it snows the way they do here? (I'm not talking about major blizzards, but anywhere in the American South the schools will close for 3 flakes, and half an inch shuts the whole city down for a day.)

Oh, yes... some of our newspapers keep telling us that we are the worst in the world at keeping road, air and rail open. Our problem really is that, generally, we'll get a week a year when it snows hard and it isn't worth investing in huge snowploughs!

There is a problem with drivers in the south here in that they really don't know how to drive in snow and ice...

Draco looks very sweet in his coat :-)

How big did Ina's snowball end up?

This big

Giant Ball

When it turned over on its side...

Impressive! :-D

We made one in our garden many years ago that wa big enough for my dad to stand on, but I think Ina's is a good deal bigger.

~Lurves Draco~ he is gorgeous

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