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Oh, Aunty_Marion is going to laugh....
As a postscript to the Into the Woods post, here are the photos of me trying my hand (very badly) at archery...

Drawing the bow

After release

Photos copyright Inamac

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Not that bad! Your arms and the arrow should be in a straight line in the first picture, but the second one shows reasonably good follow-through!

(Deleted comment)
To be honest, I was just amazed my hands and wrists were able to cope. The lack of straight lines was probably why the person supervising me (the woman in the piccie) remarked that the arrows were nicely clustered but too far out from the centre!

Fun, isn't it? *g* But I hope that bowstring didn't rake along your forearm! It can raise a fearsome bruise.

Awesome. If you decide you fancy more of this, then my club (Ascham Bowmen) does beginner courses every so often.

I was seriously considering one of Woodford Archers beginners courses, and am now equally seriously considering Ascham Bowmen's as well, as both clubs are within easy reach...

Looks like you're having fun, which is the main thing. And if the bug bites, all the better! Getting them on target is always a good start.

They did all hit the target, though were clustered in the outer rings.

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