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Wanstead Flats
Ina insisted on checking out the parking around Wanstead Park yesterday - note that she was not driving! - and I'm glad we did. There is good walking in the park, though only one slightly elevated part.

From the Viewpoint

That's as steep as it gets, folks!

This park used to be the landscaped garden of a great house, and one or two built features still remain. This is the 'temple', which has, apparently, a small museum of archaeological find, that we did not inspect, having the LDD with us.

The Temple

The main feature of the park, though, is the extensive network of lakes, the consequent numbers of waterfowl.

On the Lake

Lots of coot, moorhens, mallard, and tufted duck, though surprisingly few Canada Geese - and one stray teal. What he was doing by himself I cannot think!


Solitary cormorants and herons are less of a surprise.


Heron in the Tree

We'll be back with the LDD - and with the SLR. These were all taken with the Lumix.

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My brother and sister-in-law have been exploring London using various walking guides, and finding surprising areas of green space, even in parts of the city they thought they knew well.

It looks as if you are making similar discoveries; thank you for sharing them!

London is very green. We used to walk in Valentines Park a lot when we lived in Newbury Park, but nowadays that is mainly coth's stamping ground. Wanstead flats are actually within walking distance of Valentines, but listed as part of Epping Forest.

We're really exploring Essex and North East London, using a book called Explore Wild Essex as our guide. 260 sites, all within reach, though some are an hour or so's drive, not including municipal parks, or private parks and farmland with right of way. East London is full of huge country parks, even if some of them, like the Lee Valley, are excessively linear...

Very nice! Especially the heron - I'm envious. And the temple - I love the way all but the entry is plain old brick, though pleasantly designed.

Now, if you should happen to choose to walk Draco there while I'm with you, my heart-lung deficiences would be grateful. It looks like good walking, with all those lakes and birds. (Ina did acknowledge in her post that it's a bit of a bugger to get to.)

It's nice and flat, with good paths - and there should be no real problems getting there now we know where we can park.


Re your response above to shewhomust, how rich in possibilities is London and the surrounding counties - if one has a car to get to them!

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