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Bad news is bad, even when expected.

Py in the window edited

Last year, our senior Oriental Queen, Champion Onapromise Pyanfar, Ross's and Xolo's mum and Kurt's granny, had a growth removed from her chin. To our vet's astonishment, it turned out to be malignant, and we kept a close watch on the place to see if it came back. It didn't, and we started to relax. However, the week before last, when Pyanfar rolled on her back to have her ample tummy scratched, I felt a series of lumps along the line of her nipples. This is very bad news, for breast cancer in cats is 90% fatal.

We rushed her to the vet, and last Tuesday, she went in for surgery. All the lumps were removed, and the tissue sent for biopsy. Today, we had to take Flash for his annual injections and Quillan for his 100 day check on how his mouth is doing. Flash and Quills are fine, but the biopsy results were just in. Cancer, as expected, and a lot of it. She is not expected to survive more than six months at best. For the moment, though, she is home, sprawled on my bed, her adoring offspring in attendance. There is always hope, of course, but she is eleven years old and has had a terrific life. That's the last surgery though, and she will be allowed to live in peace until the pain is too much, then she will be put to sleep.

We still have eight cats, but by the end of the year it will probably be six. Even though it is the two oldest who are under threat, it is still very, very sad.
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*hugs* are welcome. Will pass the cuddles onto Pye, too.

I am so very sorry, she is a wonderful kitty.

Lupin's granny, too. Those wonderful green eyes are hers...

I'm very sorry. But you'll look after her and love her as look as it's possible for her.

So sorry to hear this.


*hugs* At least I've had a chance to meet her (and her offsprogs), however briefly. I'll know who I'm mourning.

I'm so sorry. My first cat, Emily, died of breast cancer when she was about 10 years old.

I'm so sorry to hear about Emily. It's a horrible disease in cats.

One of the worrying things about breeding cats, which we did for about five years, is that, in exactly the opposite of humans, having kittens ups the odds on queen getting breast cancer. On the other hand, Pye adored having kittens, and adored other people's kittens too, so much she would steal them. Xolo's kits always had two mums.

We had a scare with Xolo a few years back, but it turned out just to be scarring. I suppose we hoped it might be the same with Pye...

Honey, I'm so sorry. I lost my own kitty early in the year, and you are losing two. When you've had them so long, there's just no comforting the loss in any real way. At least we have the option of ending their suffering, thank veterinary science, so that her remaining months will be happy and peaceful.

She's had a good innings, and enough kittens to make a lot of people very happy.

I'm so very sorry to hear this.

Thank you, m'dear. You've had enough experience of losing cats of your own to know how we feel.

Oh that's awful news. Hugs to all of you.

Thank you, m'dear.

{{Hugs back}}

oh I'm sorry. She looks full of character


Madame Pyanfar, capa of the Oriental Mafia, she of the swift paw, has character to spare. She's been boss cat since she was less than a year old, and she still is. I expect she will be until she dies.

I am so sorry. Give her a fuss from me.

"she will be allowed to live in peace until the pain is too much, then she will be put to sleep."

The ideal ending. A shame we don't accord humans the same compassion and respect.

Oh, and have an e-hug.

Give her a fuss from me.

Will do!

Thank you for the e-hug. And for the support. I've hung on too long with a cat before now, and swore never to do it again.

It's never easy to lose a member of the family - but at least you know and can enjoy every moment you still have together. My hugs and sympathies. {{{Hug}}}

*hugs* and other useless computerised expressions of sympathy

Not entirely useless - it's always good to know that friends understand.

That's really sad, I'm so sorry.

Thank you. I know you know how we feel. Sctich your babies for me.

I am so sorry. The best hope i can offer is to suggest you look at medicinal mushrooms. Google Maitake defraction (especially good results for breast cancer), ahcc compound from shiitake, & reishi. All have an excellent safety record and a lot of promising research for cancer.

Sasha said she read about a vet having great luck treating cats with mammary tumors using agaricus blazei, a shroom from the rainforest of Brazil, but it may be linked to liver failure in three human cases in Japan, so, well, I'd try the others first and see how they did.

Satori developed a HUGE breast lump, very hard, out of nowhere at the beginning of last fall and given the grossly counterproductive experience w/vets and Zoe, where the damage they did wound up getting to her before the cancer, we immediately started researching ourselves and started supplmenting her with those, and it's been nearly a year now and she has shown absolutely no ill effects, and in fact is running around happily outside in the 100 degree heat as I write this, and she's 10, hard as that is to believe.

(also, while Zoe did pass away, she lasted many months and not the two weeks we were told to expect, and while I can't say our treatment got rid of the bone cancer, what led to her death was blood clot complications from when they broke her leg at the dipshit vet's office; I just never talked about that cause it's still too painful and is still now; also, I dd the research on that cause Sasha was too upset, and she is a better researcher than me, so probably a better combo right now).

Anyway, Sasha is talking to me as I write this, and says while more research is needed on the shrooms, what research has been done is very promising.

For dogs, a diet low or no carbs and high in Omega 3 fatty acids (fish/salmon mackeral and other fatty cold water fish esp can be a good source) and quality proteins seems to be recommended. It might be the same for cats? Not sure. (again, I realize you're probably skeptical of non-allopathic medicinal claims, so the research on that diet for dogs was done at Colorado State university). At the least, this would be a painless method of treatment for her. You prolly know this, but Sasha tells me there are grain free catfoods available (she just got done writing some product descriptions for some, lol).

Anyway, much hugs, much sympathy, and I hope you can find some extra ray of hope here.

Regardless, best wishes for you all.

Sasha just told me I was too harsh on the agaricus blazei, as it is the most popular medicinal mushroom in Japan and taken by hordes of people, and it could be these three took insanely high doses or got a contaminated supplement. She didn't argue holding off on it w/Satori because the evidence in it's favor wasn't specifically w/dogs, but since it has worked for cats, she thinks it is worth a look in your case.

She read one medical doctor for humans who discussed the pro's and con's in detail and said he would recommend using it (for humans), but no more than three times a week until more research is done, but he apparently thinks it most likely normal dosages are not going to be a problem for people.

And cordyceps has never been shown to have an effect on the primary tumor (also breast cancer research), but did prevent the cancer from spreading in some cases.

Maitake defraction has a number of human and animal tests showing its effectiveness for cancer, especially breast cancer.

Sorry if this is unwelcome, but hopefully it will help give a research starting point, at least.

Thank you. Cuddle your cats for me.

Ah, that's rubbish. At least she left a kitten-y legacy - not bad for a cat. :)

She was our first show cat (well, we got a Singapura at the same time, so she was our joint first show cat) and we'll never forget her first litter - born in a thunderstorm, some of them were.

Yes, but at least we can give her a good few months. (I still cry when I think of little Kero, who was put down at eight actually under the knife, because she was riddled with gut cancer, and remember that I refused her her favourite treats because she was going under the knife, though she begged and begged...)

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