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Let Your Feelings Be Known.
If, like me, you are furious at the way the BBC ruined the climax of tonight's Dr Who by running a bright yellow animated banner with *spit* Graham Norton bouncing up and down to trail Over the Rainbow, then complain.

I have already done so.

This is the link to the complaints form.

Let's swamp the buggers.
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There are already three threads on the Points of View boards incandescent with rage!

I'm sure it's too soon to appear on tomorrows POW but it better be covered in the next edition as I'm sure The Beeb has pi**ed off Millions of folk on this matter!

Via friendsfriends, already have done. Including passive-aggressively pointing out that I wasn't watching Dorothy due to being in the other room complaining about the advert (not true, but they don't know that). More seriously, if they'll do it to Who, they'll do it to anything.

Done. Thanks for the link. Bloody hell, they really are idiots to do somthing like that, and Graham Norton should be complained about on principle anyway.

If I recall correctly, wasn't it a bleed-through of sound from a Graham Norton show that ruined the very first episode of Nu Who? What does Norton have against Who? I think we should be told.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

I think Graham Norton should be covered in honey and consigned to a pit of tiger ants.

Too good for him.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

Oh, I don't know. He can pretty good on Just A Minute.

He tries to channel Ken Williams and mainly fails.

Absolutely agree, and have given them my tuppenceworth. I couldn't believe my eyes!

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!

Were you watching HD or SD?

We were watching on Freeview - i.e. on digital. Apparently it was not shown on HD, possibly because the next programme on HD was not "Over the Rainbow" - though I don't know this. It was not shown on BBC Scotland, but was apparently shown on Analogue.

It sounds damn annoying. Maybe it's a way to get more people to watch BBC HD!

Well, only in a vague way, but still, did want to take the opportunity to ask a DW-related question.

From a whole bunch of my lj f-list who keep up w/this, I gather this is like, best ever season of Dr. Who? Or best in a long while, or somesuch?

I was wondering if it would be a good starting point for newbies, if we could manage to start watching eps from the beginning? We only have two more eps to go and the Sarah Connor Chronicles are behind us, so we need something new to watch in our spare time.

It's difficult. I'm not the right person to ask, because I've watched Dr Who since 1963, but never been a fan, and I don't like the new version, though I'm coming round to this season.

Lots of people love the revamp. From your point of view, I should start from the first episode Rose and see how it goes. Even if you hate it, take a look at the Moffat award-winning double episode from season 1, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. If you don't like that, forget it.

Thanks! Very possibly will do. If I can talk Sasha into trying it. She lived in London for years when she was younger and never watched the show, so something about it may not appeal to her.

Meanwhile, I am in awe of this sentence:

"I've watched Dr Who since 1963, but never been a fan."

That gets my "cheerful wow of the day" award. =)

A lot of people my age in the UK could say this. Actually, I was too old to fall for Who in 1963 - then it really was a children's show rather than the family show it is now.

However, looking back, the first Dr Who, William Hartnell, is my second favourite, and the pair in my icon, from those first couple of seasons, are definitely among my favourite 'companions'.

I didn't see it, due to being at the SWiGGLe this afternoon, but am planning on watching the BBC3 repeat tomorrow evening, after which I will watch the Confidential, which I taped today! - they shorten the Confidential on repeats, and there isn't a gap between the two programmes for the video recorder to change channels properly, so I'd have missed part of ONE of them. However, if they do something similar tomorrow, I will be voicing my displeasure in no uncertain terms.

And here was I feeling all hard done by because we were out at birthday do this evening and Mr S forgot to record Doctor Who(!) and we have to wait until the rerun at 8pm Sunday... looks like I gt the better deal.

I shall complain as a matter of principle, though. As will Mr S. And probably D and M, too.


Please do.

According to various posters on BBC messageboards, this is actually part of the BBC's much-trumpeted new-look Saturday night image. It has to be stomped on, right now, or the only way we will be able to watch any BBC drama will be on i-player!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. I know you hated it, but that doesn't really matter as it's the principle of the thing.

Okay, have done so.

Thankfully, my obsession with having subtitles on meant that it was mostly hidden behind that, so I could ignore it. But it still annoyed me.

Normally, we would have had the subtitles on for Ina, who is a bit deaf (too many rock concerts in her youth) and because of Who's notorious sound quality.

However, Draco was being a pain and we forgot...

Edited at 2010-04-25 09:31 am (UTC)

I can't explain why I put them on, as my hearing is okay and Mouse is reliably quiet during Dr Who. My only excuse is that I apparently can't even do something like watch TV without having something to read! But yes, I simply COULDN'T believe anyone would have thought it was a great idea at the big build-up moment to put ANYTHING onscreen. (As I have now told them!)

I read at Planet Gallifrey that the BBC was upset because it dropped two million viewers at the end of Who last week. Why they should think that these two programmes appeal in the least to the same demographic is beyond me.

Well Andrew Lloyd Webber does look like an alien in a rubber mask.

Botox will do that to you.

Thank you. I really do hope the Beeb dropped even more viewers at the end of last night's Who than they did last week... That'll give them even more pause than the thousands of complaints that I am sure they are getting.

I found it annoying, too. Thanks for the link to the complaints form. I have filled it in and submitted it.

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