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I'm better at cats...
la_marquise_de invited me over in the hope that together we could produce a photograph of her that she might like and her publisher might accept. I'm not the world's greatest photographer of people, but her lovely Egyptian Mau, Horus, came and posed for me in the usual totally unselfconscious cat fashion...


But, of course, when he saw Draco...

Horus sees Draco

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He is such a handsome boy. Maybe DAW would like a picture of him. (Of crruse they would. My editors are cat people.)

That would, of course, let both of us off the hook.


He is very pretty. And nicely named.

All three of her cats - the other two are a Birman and an Asian - are lovely. I have a decent photo of the Asian somewhere, but the Birman continues to elude me.

He's fabulous. Very regal *g*.

He was distinctly nervous of Draco.

Definitely a gorgeous cat…though he does look kind of cross-eyed in the first photo. :)

I ought to leave Kari to answer that - but yes, I'm afraid he is...

My cats always wait until I have lined up the perfect shot and then walk away

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