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There is a puppy...
There is a puppy and he is splendid, despite Ina's determination to call him 'Draco'. I asked if she was sure she wanted to lumber the poor mite with the name of such a little sh*t, and she said, "Yes," so I guess that is that.

Today has been... interesting. We started out a bit late, and got held up on the M25. Other than that, things went perfectly well until we turned right into the Industrial Estate that, Ina and Google Maps insisted, led to the house where the pup and his breeders lived. We had, she said, to turn right and right again. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single right turn that didn't lead to an Industrial Unit. We went up the road. We went down the road. We turned left. We turned around.

So I rang the breeders, on the number Ina had called earlier, when she had been surprised to speak to a woman, because the breeders are both fellas. Again, a woman answered, and told us to come back to the main road, go across to the petrol station and onto the forecourt. We did. No sign of a white cottage or, indeed, any dogs. Ina got out and asked. No-one in the petrol station knew anything at all about the kennels.

We went down a side road. We turned round. We came back. We drove past the petrol station and right into the next town. We came back. We drove through the Industrial Estate again and round some of the more promising Industrial Units, as well as asking around. Total blank. We parked again in the road behind the petrol station and rang again. To our horror we found that we had been ringing the wrong number - the one we had been ringing was that of the florists on the petrol station forecourt, behind which we were parked.

Ina dialled the number again, this time missing out an extraneous zero. We were told, twice, that that line was busy. We were reduced to ringing 118 118 - which was no help at all. Then Ina suddenly discovered instructions in her notebook that seemed to shed some light on the issue. We went back to the main roundabout just before the Industrial Estate and the petrol station and re-traced our way up the road. We were going to turn up a promising lane, but then Ina spotted a white cottage. I parked in front of the closed gate, and Ina went round to knock at the door. Moments late, the grinning kennel owner was opening the gate for me. He made us lots of tea, as well, which was a Good Thing.

We had, in all, wasted over an hour and a certain amount of diesel going round in circles. We had also come close to losing our tempers. However, we were introduced to the puppy, and his Mum, and his half sister, and a litter of Bengal kittens, as well as a very pregnant female Bengal queen who wanted out, and a beautiful old cottage and spit brand new kennels - the only problem being the location on a main road.

The pup is splendid, and there will be pictures tomorrow. He howled and yipped for some time in his carrying basket, then gave up and went to sleep. This means he is not at all sleepy now and wants out and play. He has met Zara, who appears to quite like him, but who has made it clear to him that she will treat barking and jumping with a swift paw. Pyanfar has hissed at him, and he backed off, clearly recognising a boss cat when he met it. Flash fluffed his tail, but seemed reasonably calm. Kurt did a bit of slinking, but seems reasonably content. Xolo is scared of him, but even more annoyed when he was in Ina's bedroom rather than the living room, which is where he is now. Ross has been watching from afar. Casino wants nothing to do with him, and neither does Quillan.

All this is far better than we expected for Day One!

ETA Most puppies whimper when left alone on their first night. Or they howl. This one screams. Hysterically. However, Ina's hearing isn't so good, because of the number of rock gigs she attended in her youth. He isn't going to get anywhere.
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Ah puppies,
Don't ya love 'em!

He's a sweet pup, but he's quite strong willed.

I look forward to the pictures.

Congratulations on the new addition to your household. I hope the adjustment continues to go smoothly for all concerned.

(That's two new dogs on my f-list in the same day!)

Must be the time of year. (In fact, our pup's breeders aim theirs to be ready May and June to give the new owners the warmth of summer to bring up and train their pups.)

Sounds like you had a right old adventure getting there, but I'm sure the new boy is worth it :-) Even if his name is Draco...

His registered name is Black Diamond which is much nicer. However, he is Ina's dog and Ina is an HP fan and occasionally ships Draco...

We will not speak about the unspeakable last 300 yards (yes, it was only that distance) of the journey.

We had a good deal of the squealing today, but we have tired him out this evening and I think he is asleep - well, now we have got the heated bed that we used for the kittens out for him... His preferred sleeping place is a knee. Luckily, he is a toy dog and can therefore be indulged in this, as he will never be too big for a lap dog. On the other hand, he is a terrier with all a terrier's instincts. He is also humping things (at eight weeks!) so I'm afraid the neutering will take place sooner rather than later.

Eeeeeeeeeee, congratulations!

(I meant to friend you about a month ago. This is uselessness taken fairly impressively far...)

I've been meaning to friend you too...

hurrah for mutual uselessness ;-)

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