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Torchwood: Reset
Just to say that this could have been the best ever Torchwood episode. Martha handles Jack even better than the Doctor did (in fact, much better than the Doctor did.) The dialogue crackled. Then, of course, they had to go and spoil it by introducing what they plainly thought passed for an SF (or even Sci-Fi) plot. Which made no sense at all; logically, scientifically, politically etc etc.

This is what is wrong with Torchwood: no-one does things because of their character or because it is the rational or instinctive thing to do. They do everything because of what Dave Langford calls "the great big authorial thumb" pushing them into it.

I don't expect any TV adventure or SF series to get scientific (or technical) details right; what I do expect is that the author should give a little thought to making the plot internally logical - that it should be consistent with the series universe. Make it easier for us to suspend our disbelief, at least while the show is in progress. Please.

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I keep wondering *why* I am still watching Tosswood when they keep getting it so wrong.They started with so much potential and fluffed it. And went on fluffing it. Occasionally there are flashes of something ... and then it goes down the drain.
Meh, I never figured myself to be the "can't help watching the trainwreck" sort of person.
Apparently I am. Why else would I still be watching? *sighs*
Martha was brilliant, decisive and competent. TW needed at least one, but I despair of poor Ten, stuck with the Runaway Bride, who has apparently decided that she too *lurves* the Doctor. Oh please!

We are in something of a cleft stick. If we watch then criticise Torchwood or NuWho we are asked why we are still watching. If we don't watch it and criticise we are told we have no right to do so because we haven't seen it!

However, RTD has burnt his boats with me in respect of NuWho. I have learned my lesson and now will only watch episodes written by Moffatt or Cornell. Next week's Torchwood is apparently a total trainwreck. I will probably put on the Thursday repeat while we are having dinner and if it as bad as my friends report, then that's it.

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